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Richard Gumersell

Richard joined Gumersell Cashdan in 1981. Richard manages the sales team and calls on key distributor and contractor accounts throughout the territory.

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Ext 105
Gino Garibaldi

Gino had fourteen years experience in the industry including ten years with distribution when he joined GC in 1998. In addition, Gino has extensive experience with contractors and engineers in New Jersey. Gino calls on distributors, contractors and engineers in New Jersey and Manhattan.

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                                                  Gino Garibaldi
Ext 111
Don MacGillivray

Don has over 30 years of sales experience in the electrical industry. Don calls on distributors and contractors in Northern NJ and NY.

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Kevin Ohrnberger

Kevin came to Gumersell Cashdan after several years of experience in the electrical distribution industry. After four years as an inside sales specialist, Kevin is now calling on accounts on Long Island and in New York City.

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Ext 113
Dmitri Samuylov

Dmitri is a graduate of the CUNY Engineering School. He has spent several years working as a designer in the electrical installation field. He will be involved with specification work with engineers and contractors, as well as calling on select distribution.

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