Company Profile

Gumersell-Cashdan, Inc. is an agency with over eighty years of experience in representing manufacturers in the electrical industry. We are an imaginative, energetic and resourceful agency insuring complete coverage of the Long Island, New York and New Jersey marketplace.
By efficient transfer and management of information as well as material, the Gumersell Cashdan sales team, adds true value to the manufacturer-distributor equation. We feel confident of the fact that the Gumersell Cashdan team has the right combination of dedicated personnel to provide superior quality service to our manufacturers, distributors and to our large end-user customer base.
In addition to our NEMRA Computerized sales service center, we maintain a twenty thousand square foot warehouse facility with a fifteen thousand square foot secured yard. From this facility we act as a local or regional distribution point for our factories. We ship on our own fleet of boom equipped flat-bed trucks to the electrical distributors and their customers, thereby insuring the prompt and timely service which they demand.
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