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 Product Line
Aluminum Conduit and Extrusions - Aluminum Elbows and Couplings
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Polywater Lubricants - Dyna-Blue Lubricant - Splicemaster - MRO Aerosols - Sealants
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Temporary Power Distribution Centers: Single Phase & 3-Phase - Temporary Power Boxes - Temporary Lighting - GFCI Products - Wiring Devices - Extension Cords.
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 Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy Conduit and Fittings - Fiberglass Cable Tray - Strut Systems and Bridge Hangers- Fiberglass Enclosures
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 Complete Range of Cable Tray Systems and Accessories

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems and Devices - Audible Signals - Visual Signals - Audible Visual Devices - Call for Assistance Devices - Annunciator & Text Messaging Devices - Transformers - Clocks & Timers - Outdoor Warning Systems - Telephone Signals - Contact Devices - Machine Safeguarding Devices  
 Aluminum and Steel Extra Flexible Conduit - Liquatite Brand Conduits -  Types: LT, LA, EF, HTA, AT, LOR,CEA, ATX, LA-LOR, ZHLA, ALT, NM, LNM-P - Corrlok and Plen-Flex LiquidTite Conduit
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Manufacturer of Copper and Aluminum Building Wire Products, Armored Cables and Industrial Cable Products

Galvan Industries
Ground rods: hot-dip galvanized, copper-clad and stainless-steel - grounding clamps and accessories - Lugs - Wire Connectors - Splice Kits
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Schedule 40, Schedule 80, EB and DB PVC Conduit, Fittings & Accessories
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Smoke Detetctors - Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Heat Detectors - Strobe Light Systems - Fire Extinguishers
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Disconnect Switches - Service Equipment - RV Products - Temporary Power - Transfer Switches - Power Outlets - Pedestals - Dry-Type Transformers and Accessories - 
GE  Commercial and Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
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